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In the beginning there was Alan and my mother, who came to visit.....
Roger Wilton's children
Roger Wilton
John Wilton of the Flatt's gravestone
The 1821 census of Kilmore County Cavan
George Elliot Wilton and family, (a guess at 1880 ish)
Children of John and Margaret Wilton
Children of Wm John and Sarah Wilton
George Elliott, Wm, Richard and John Wilton
Cosby Wilton
Roger Wilton of Huntley

"Capt" George Wilton
Children of Capt George and Harriet Maxwell
Military history of 'Capt' George Wilton
The Leiths
Leith Pictures

Kilmore Cathedral
Bishop Bedell
Ballymachugh Parish Church
The early Wilton's--pre 1800

Documents page

1720 marriage settlement
1753 marriage settlement
1773 deed of assignment
1819 Deed of Common Voucher part 'A'
1819 Deed of common voucher part 'B'
1819 Deed of common voucher part 'C'
1819 Deed of common voucher part 'D'
Copy of original land grant
Swanzy Will Extracts
Wilton Deeds from the Registry of Deeds Dublin

The Maxwell Connection

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Kildrumferton Parish Church
The Corglass or Kildrumferton Wilton's
The 1821 census of Corglas