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My name is Alan Hutchinson and I am a doctor in Irvinestown Co. Fermanagh in N. Ireland My interest in all this started approx 4 yrs ago when I showed a photograph to my elderly mother when she was visiting. Little did I know then what she started and how I would be still searching for Wilton's 4 yrs on. My mother was Sarah Eilz Wilton before she married and she is virtually the only one left now. That particular night she talked to my utter astonishment for over 3hrs about people I had never heard of and as I said, as she is virtually the only one left I thought I had better write it down before it was lost forever. The family gravestone is in the old graveyard of Kilmore cathedral (C.of I.) just outside the town of Cavan in Co Cavan S.Ireland. I remember as a boy searching for the headstone with my mother but was unable to locate it due to the fact that the place was an impenetrable jungle. However the graveyard is also the burial place of a Bishop Beadle who translated the bible into Irish in the 17th century and with the help of government money the place has been totally tidied up. In it I found the following gravestone which said the following:--
To the memory of Margaret wife of John Wilton of the Flatt who departed this life 25/12/1829 age 46 and also the aforesaid John Wilton who died 18/3/1842 age 74 Erected by their children.

I should have left it at this but curiosity got the better of me and I have been searching since.

John Wilton was my g,g,g grandfather and his wife,s name was Margaret Maxwell. They had approx 10 or 11 children and I am descended from one of his sons. In Kilmore records I also came across other Wilton's one of whom was a George who married a Harriet Maxwell . My mother told me that the early Wilton's had gone to Canada and with the help of the Canadian telephone directory I traced Andy Wilton in Brandon Manitoba (besides the photograph I had a newspaper cutting. This was the obituary of a J.W.Wilton who was a barrister in Winnipeg and had originated in High Bluff) I phoned Andy, eventualy! (the phone bills are unbeliveable - I hide them from my wife) and he confirmed that George was his ancestor George and John were brothers. There was also Thomas, Richard, William and daughters Mary ,Anne and Margaret Their fathers name was Roger and he married a Mary Bell.


To this day nobody on this side of the Atlantic knows how this newspaper cutting came into our family. Have you?