George Elliot Wilton family
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   Genealogy it's the main,though not my only reason for creating this site, follow the links on this page to access information relating to the various names and subjects I am researching. My research is continual and here is how it all started.
Two things the obituary to J W Wilton and the family photograph seen here are the two of information that started this all off.

   Will's and Administrations  are a great source of genealogical information, some of the wills Ihave found have provided me with quite a lot of information, this information will be available to you in the near future.

See also the website of my web mentor Doug Vaugh for more information regarding the history of several of John Wilton of the Flatts daughtrers, namely Margaret (married George Vaugh, Elizabeth (married Edward King Little) and Mary (married Dr John Sheridian)

For information (embryonic) on Canadian Wiltons click here. wilton family history


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